Prof Mawatle Jeremiah Mojalefa

(Advisor to the Editor-in-Chief: African Languages)

Prof Mawatle Jeremiah Mojalefa (Jerry) is an emeritus professor of literature and linguistics in the Department of African languages of the University of Pretoria, where he specialises in Sepedi. In 1995, he obtained a doctor’s degree in literature on Sepedi meter with special reference to Lekxothoane’s (traditional) poem ‘Makxothlo’. Sepedi meter became the focal point of his subsequent research articles, e.g. (a) The verse-form of Northern Sotho poetry and (b) Divination expressed through poetry: The divinatory poems of Johannes Mokgwadi.

Jerry has produced 20 doctoral theses, 18 dissertations and 20 mini-dissertations. He has published several national and international publications. He has published more than 20 literary works in Sepedi, Setswana and English, including novels, collections of short stories, plays, folklore, poetry, essays and works on language and linguistics; and designed and lecture post-graduate creative modules as well. He has participated as a panellist judge in M–NET Literary Awards for five years (2009–2013).

Jerry is an international translator and copy–editor for Oxford University Press’s Oxford Global Languages, and as well as an adaptor and a versioner; and also proofread the Revised National Curriculum Statement for Curriculum 2005 in GETC (General Education and Training Certificate) as well as the University of Pretoria and the Department of Basic Education’s documents. He has as well translated and edited several documents for the different institutions both nationally and internationally. He published his works with the International Literary Quarterly

Jerry is an NRF rating researcher (2009-2016) – published nationally and internationally, and has a global recognition and exposure. His scholarly works (excluding articles) include: Kgolo le Tšwelopele ya Mongwalo le Mopeleto wa Sepedi (1862-2003/4) [Growth and development of Sepedi Orthography and Spelling (1862-2003/4)] and the Festschrifft Rabadia Ratšhatšha: Studies in African language literature, linguistics, translation and lexicography (ed. MJ Mojalefa) (2007).