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What do these words mean to you?

Do they capture those unspoken utterances of your heart, secretly revealing an undisclosed love? Do they carry a message on broken angel wings that never reached the one they were intended for? Or do these words tell the story of how your voice has been held captive for too long, preventing you from saying what needed to be said to this world?

The AVBOB Poetry Competition creates a platform for you to articulate all those things that have always eluded you – in a way that will allow your words to echo throughout eternity – in the form of a poem.

By giving voice to your poem, you will stand in line for the following:

  • A chance to be published on the AVBOB Poetry Competition website and other platforms.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your work to feature in a print anthology, alongside that of renowned poets.
  • One of the AVBOB poetry prizes in your language category.

The competition is open to all citizens of our sunny Mzansi, and your poem may be written in any of the 11 official South African languages. Click here for full details on How to enter or to read the Competition rules.
Poem title: Iqhawe kalifi
Kuleyo nsimu yokulinda, Kuleyo nsim’ engavunwa, Umzimba wakh’ utshalwe khona, Umphefumulo nenyana sekuhlukene, Usulind’ usuku lokwahlulelwa, Okwenzil’...

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Poem title: Mbilu yaku i lwandle
Nkatanga, mbilu yaku i lwandle, U tiyiserile vusopfa bya mina nkarhi lowo leha swinene, Ndzi vile nhloko ya muti vito. A wu wa u pfuka u pfalapfala ma...

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