Lufuno Rudolph Ndlovu

Lufuno Rudolph Ndlovu is a renowned poet, dramatist, novelist, national poet laureate, preacher of the gospel and a motivational speaker par excellence. He is a multi-award winning published author, having written in English and mostly in Tshivenda. Having published more than thirty titles, Ndlovu has scooped many authorship and leadership awards including among others: The FNB Kagiso Literary Award, The SABC Poetry Award, The MML Literary Award and the Tshiwa Meritorious Award. Ndlovu has served South Africa in various capacities; as former educator, parliamentary official, NAC panel member, TUT language practice council member and as a literature and media manager at the Pan South African Language Board. He is a founding member of the Tshivenda Writers Association, the New African Writers Association and the National Writers Guild of South Africa. He is currently within the management of the Pan South African Language Board. He holds academic qualifications in education, media, communications, advanced Bible studies and public relations.